Thursday, 3 October 2013


               Hi, peeps! ♥ I'm back at uniiii! To be honest I'm glad, even though this semester won't be easy to get through.. I have killer Mondays and Fridays, i.e. lectures 9 till 18.. but I'm a strong woman and I'll manage. ;-) I have started off this academic year well: 1. I had a field trip to France from 16th till 26th of Sept, 2. I finally make an effort to make fancy lunches for myself (salads, pasta etc.), 3. I started to spend my free time actively - going walking/running/swimming. A good start is a key to success. :-)

               As new semester came I equipped myself with new stationery. I've never been crazy about going shopping for a new school year. All my stationery usually came from a supermarket and wasn't top quality. However this year I "discovered" Paperchase... Their stuff is cute and good quality, but expensive, too :-(. Despite the prices I treated myself to a new address book, sticky notes set and a pen - all in the same floral theme. The brand offers plenty of other items with the same themes - notepads, letter sets, list cards, pencil cases... everything! I could spend a fortune in there. ^ ^ Oh, and they offer 10% student discount!! :-) 
All 3 @ Paperchase

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