Sunday, 6 October 2013


               Yuck, it's getting colder and colder! We are stepping into autumn season after exceptionally lovely summer in Britain. I am excited to get all my cosy clothes out again, but autumn/winter season is always problematic for me, i.e. I get cold very easily(!!) and have to wear at least 3 layers of clothing to keep myself warm. :-( Therefore I have to compromise between wearing nice clothes and cosy clothes. Who wouldn't want to wear comfy sweatpants all the time, eh? Obvs, eventually you'd get bored of them and probably start feeling under-dressed so wearing lovely, elegant pieces is always nice!

               The 'cold' season can be daunting, because I get up at 6.30 a.m. on most days which means I'm awake before the sun is up. Darkness outside the window doesn't help much with improving well-being so I like to start off my mornings with listening to energetic music and having a fruity energy-boost drink (home-made or bought - I recommend Dr. Witt!). Sweet breakfast is essential, too! I am not too obsessed with my weight so a Nutella sandwich always helps so overcome winter time sadness. ;-)

               This is the outfit I wore last Thursday. There was no need for a jacket yet, but a cosy sweater sure would be useful. The denim skirt is actually a high waisted one - also, it's timeless as it can collaborate with so many outfits. Burgundy boots should be familiar, they've appeared in previous outfits. Over-knee socks? Something I've forgotten about since I stopped wearing them after high school. :-P Here, they complete the look, give it a bit of grungy twist. I'll surely wear them again this season. :-)

Sweater @ no name
Denim Skirt @ Select
Burgundy Boots @ Topshop
Earrings @ Miss Selfridge

Thursday, 3 October 2013


               Hi, peeps! ♥ I'm back at uniiii! To be honest I'm glad, even though this semester won't be easy to get through.. I have killer Mondays and Fridays, i.e. lectures 9 till 18.. but I'm a strong woman and I'll manage. ;-) I have started off this academic year well: 1. I had a field trip to France from 16th till 26th of Sept, 2. I finally make an effort to make fancy lunches for myself (salads, pasta etc.), 3. I started to spend my free time actively - going walking/running/swimming. A good start is a key to success. :-)

               As new semester came I equipped myself with new stationery. I've never been crazy about going shopping for a new school year. All my stationery usually came from a supermarket and wasn't top quality. However this year I "discovered" Paperchase... Their stuff is cute and good quality, but expensive, too :-(. Despite the prices I treated myself to a new address book, sticky notes set and a pen - all in the same floral theme. The brand offers plenty of other items with the same themes - notepads, letter sets, list cards, pencil cases... everything! I could spend a fortune in there. ^ ^ Oh, and they offer 10% student discount!! :-) 
All 3 @ Paperchase