Thursday, 4 July 2013


               When I hear casual I automatically think comfortable. Recently due to the fact that I finished uni for summer and have been spending a lot of time at home I have become a master of casual. Joggers, baggy sweatshirts and fluffy socks are what I love to wear when I spend a whole day at home. However, a time always comes when I have to crawl out of my cave of happiness (a.k.a. my bed) and get out there. What happens then? Usually I don't have a problem with picking a lovely, girly outfit, but sometimes I do struggle. That's when I go for a casual-girly look to compromise my laziness with the want of looking feminine.
               Even thought that wasn't the cause of the choice of my today's outfit (in fact, it was the undecided British weather) I just wanted to make this point. :-) The 'transition stage' between your casual and representative looks is always something good to go through as it may actually encourage you to mix both styles - wear stilettos with harem pants and pumps with a little black dress. ;-)

Top + Skirt @ H&M
Pumps @ Converse