Tuesday, 7 May 2013


               I've just been scrolling up and down Lookbook's section of new posts when I noticed a girl dressed utterly lovely and chic. One might think 'Isn't that obvious, duh? You're on Lookbook! Everyone there is (or tries to be) well-dressed.' However that girl was wearing something that accented her individuality better than any other accessory could - a hijab. It completed her every outfit so perfectly! Her Lookbook and blog (click here to have a look!) inspired me so much, and actually led me to think about the whole 'Lookbook business'.
                  Lookbook is a great place to show the world the way of reflecting your personality through your style. It's amazing how I've also never received any negative comments from people there. Everyone is nice, with no-jealousy approach to one another. I like that, however I would obviously accept criticism as every opinion counts and is constructive to me. :-) 
               Also, crazy is to think about all those people from around the world who post their looks on Lookbook, by the way inspiring others and often becoming famous for their good fashion taste. Moreover, Lookbook is a portal where you don't need to be half-naked to get attention! It's all about the fashion-passion. ;-) It's really worth starting your own 'Lookbook story' because, trust me, there will always be someone who will appreciate your style. :-)

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