Thursday, 16 May 2013


               At the present, I'm having one of the most stressful times as the end-of-year-exam period started (!). Out of five up-coming exams my first one was today - maths - and I'm pleased and have a positive feeling about it. :-) I still always prefer to hope for the best and expect the worst just to avoid disappointment. Tomorrow is my second exam - geo. maps interpretation - and I am ever so stressed :-( , but I'm not panicking as it never does me any good....
                Back to more pleasant matters - my boyfriend, unlike me, already finished the academic year and moreover it was his birthday on Monday, so last week I went to Arndale in Manchester on a b-day present hunt. :-) Of course I couldn't have stopped myself from popping in to New Look and having a peek at the jewellery section. Aaand as it can be easily guessed I treated myself to a little present, too. ;-) Or two presents actually? I bought lovely spiky bracelets - gold and black one and a set of two gold and pink/orange ones. The spiky trend is slowly fading to our memory, but I like it so much, and despite my studded denim short it didn't appear in my wardrobe much.
               I also got a lip tint. I bought one over a year ago, but it wasn't good quality so didn't stay on lips for long and tasted horrible! This time I went for a proper one and I am very pleased. It is very durable and  has a balm at the other end which you can apply if you want your lips to look glossy (it gives a slight lipstick effect) or just to hydrate them. Definitely worth the money. :-)
Bracelets @ New Look
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Timeless Tango @ Boots

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