Saturday, 18 May 2013


               Last night I went to see a play "Brilliant Adventures" with my boyfriend at Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. I have never been to a theatre before and it's a shame because it's such a great entertainment!  "Brilliant Adventures" is a comedy-drama and some parts were hilarious and other slightly sad and scary. What I loved the most about it was the proximity between the actors and audience. I will definitely start going to theatre more often, especially that the tickets are not as expensive as I assumed - they cost less than most concert tickets!
               As a "theatre beginner" I wasn't sure how to dress last night as I didn't want to turn up in pumps, but didn't feel like wearing heels either. I went for my burgundy boots with very comfortable small heels. Black disco pants looked more elegant with an oversized top with embroided sleeves and a fake-snakeskin clutch. I applied my new lip tint which I've talked about in the previous post to give a bit of accenting colour to my look. What do you think? :-)
Oversized Top @ TK Maxx (by Sweene Paris)
Disco Pants @ Missguided
Boots @ Topshop
Clutch @ Primark (+ DIY)
Bracelet @ New Look

Thursday, 16 May 2013


               At the present, I'm having one of the most stressful times as the end-of-year-exam period started (!). Out of five up-coming exams my first one was today - maths - and I'm pleased and have a positive feeling about it. :-) I still always prefer to hope for the best and expect the worst just to avoid disappointment. Tomorrow is my second exam - geo. maps interpretation - and I am ever so stressed :-( , but I'm not panicking as it never does me any good....
                Back to more pleasant matters - my boyfriend, unlike me, already finished the academic year and moreover it was his birthday on Monday, so last week I went to Arndale in Manchester on a b-day present hunt. :-) Of course I couldn't have stopped myself from popping in to New Look and having a peek at the jewellery section. Aaand as it can be easily guessed I treated myself to a little present, too. ;-) Or two presents actually? I bought lovely spiky bracelets - gold and black one and a set of two gold and pink/orange ones. The spiky trend is slowly fading to our memory, but I like it so much, and despite my studded denim short it didn't appear in my wardrobe much.
               I also got a lip tint. I bought one over a year ago, but it wasn't good quality so didn't stay on lips for long and tasted horrible! This time I went for a proper one and I am very pleased. It is very durable and  has a balm at the other end which you can apply if you want your lips to look glossy (it gives a slight lipstick effect) or just to hydrate them. Definitely worth the money. :-)
Bracelets @ New Look
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Timeless Tango @ Boots

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


               I've just been scrolling up and down Lookbook's section of new posts when I noticed a girl dressed utterly lovely and chic. One might think 'Isn't that obvious, duh? You're on Lookbook! Everyone there is (or tries to be) well-dressed.' However that girl was wearing something that accented her individuality better than any other accessory could - a hijab. It completed her every outfit so perfectly! Her Lookbook and blog (click here to have a look!) inspired me so much, and actually led me to think about the whole 'Lookbook business'.
                  Lookbook is a great place to show the world the way of reflecting your personality through your style. It's amazing how I've also never received any negative comments from people there. Everyone is nice, with no-jealousy approach to one another. I like that, however I would obviously accept criticism as every opinion counts and is constructive to me. :-) 
               Also, crazy is to think about all those people from around the world who post their looks on Lookbook, by the way inspiring others and often becoming famous for their good fashion taste. Moreover, Lookbook is a portal where you don't need to be half-naked to get attention! It's all about the fashion-passion. ;-) It's really worth starting your own 'Lookbook story' because, trust me, there will always be someone who will appreciate your style. :-)


               Just a quick post to share my outfit from today! :-) The weather is lovely today however I've got  plenty of revision to do for my upcoming exams, ah! BUT to combine the good with the bad I decided to revise in the garden and catch some sun, so see ya later! ^ ^

Crop-top @ Topshop
Tube Skirt @ Forever 21
Bag @ River Island
Black Cardi (on the bag) + Necklace @ H&M
Sunglasses @ no brand (some shop in Poland)
Pumps @ Converse

Monday, 6 May 2013


               Sunday, 5th of May. I've had a lovely day with my family in Southport, full of sun and laughter. Southport is a nice, coastal city with plenty of old tenement houses located along the main street. They give the place a welcoming, vintage vibe, together with many cafes and beer gardens situated nearby. Definitely a place worth visiting! :-)

Sunday, 5 May 2013


               Hello there! I hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend or enjoyed Weekend Majowy if you are now in Poland. :-) I've had a lovely weekend myself, starting off with GEMS society ball on Friday evening, a family shopping trip and bbq yesterday and a visit to Southport today, however more on that tomorrow! :-)

               As I haven't posted much over the last few months I feel I should update on what is new in my wardrobe. I had a little shopping spree at the end of February and since then I've just been adding bits and bobs to my 'summer wardrobe'.
               A week ago I bought the black heeled sandals that look much like Zara sandals that were haunting me since last summer! I totally love these sandals as they are simple in their design, comfortable and go with most of my clothes (and were only £18! ;-)) - just perfect. The Primark strappy shorts and studded bag are my lucky finds. They looked of good enough quality and had a low enough price to persuade me that they were worth buying.
Green Skater Skirt @ ASOS
Grey Crop-Top @ Topshop
Black & White Shorts + Studded Bag @ Primark
Heeled Sandals + Cardigan @ Matalan