Sunday, 10 February 2013


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, because I certainly did! I enjoy partying, but a major downside of going to sleep at 3 a.m. is ending up looking like a zombie the next day. Not cool. :-( Especially that the I-look-like-a-zombie effect is intensified by my problematic skin. I've had trouble with my skin since I turned 10 and in my case I just had to go through it. Even visits at the dermatologist didn't help much because cosmetics I used to get given were effective only in the short run. My skin looks much better now, because I always stick to my skincare routine. It has been hard to find right cosmetics for myself since there are millions of them out there! To be honest, I am sceptic when it comes to anti-blemish products from brands like Clearasil and Clean&Clear. Their stuff may be great for people with minor skin concerns, however for me they never really worked. I've always been more keen on proper dermatological cosmetics. Such products are the ones you can only get in pharmacies and what's most important their ingredients are mostly natural. :-)
My favourite brand at the moment is Iwostin. Probably not many people have heard of it since it's a Polish brand from the area where I used to live. :-)
Starting from the left: 1. Anti-ance Face Scrub. 2. Face Wash in a Form of a Gel. 3. Cleansing Tonic. 4. Face Matting Emulsion. 5. Night Face Cream
The five cosmetics that I've got are from the Purritin series. Altogether, there are 12 products in the series, specially made for people with oily and acne skin. In the morning I usually just wash my face with water so my skin is fresh before I put any make up on. Unless necessary, I rarely use any of the above products in the mornings. The foundation I wear is moisturising enough so I don't need to use any face creams. :-) In the evenings, I use the cleansing tonic mostly then apply the face night cream. Usually twice a week I use the face wash gel and anti-acne face scrub to not irritate my skin. ^ ^
All of the Purritin cosmetics are also hypo-allergenic so they are not supposed to cause any allergies - you probably figured out already. ;-)

Iwostin products are truly awesome and all thanks to my mum! She found out about them in one of the magazines she reads. ^ ^ The brand has got many other product ranges starting from anti-ageing ones and finishing with eye care series (which I am actually going to talk a little about in my next post! ^ ^). HERE is the link to their website (however I think it's only in Polish :-/ )! They have there a lot of advices and tips on how to keep your skin spotless and something that I only just found which is tests determining how well you care about your skin! :-)

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