Sunday, 6 January 2013


"Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself"

SO DAMN RIGHT. I saw this quote two days ago and thanks to however said this first because it sums up exactly how I felt recently as you may know from my previous post. Back to the business now! Spring is coming in big leaps this year. The weather outside is definitely not indicating winter, the birds keep singing, bushes blossoming, whatever you want. It feels strange to me as it's only been Christmas and here we have now such a surprise spring! However, January sales keep reminding that it's not actually spring yet. Last Saturday I visited Trafford Centre to have a peek at what's on sale, but I was disappointed and only seemed to like stuff that is actually not on sale.. Ah, I've become so picky, haha! I think my fashion taste changed drastically over the last few months as I became generally more interested in fashion and started reading fashion magazines and blogs more often. Also, it may seem strange to think about it now, I am turning 20 this year. Stepping into my 20's doesn't mean that I have to become mature and turn into a boring, always-tired adult (my boyfriend says that apparently I'll always be a kid on the inside, hehe). I just want to make my style more feminine and elegant. I get inspired by different people on Lookbook and fashion bloggers. Sometimes the inspirations confused me and I would say to myself "Hold on... I'm not really being myself when I think that I'd like to dress like this or that person. That's not me. I can't just copy exactly what others wear, that's boring!". It's been said many times before and it will be said on this blog as well: we all try to be different and in reality we all end up the same. So then on I'm following my own 'fashion instinct' and just creat myself the way I want it. ;-)

Boots @ River Island
Top @ Second Hand (Zara)
Skirt @ Chicwish
Bag @ Matalan
Nail Varnish 'Vinateg Blue' @ Avon

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

HI 2013!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I hope that 2013 will be full of love, happiness and awesomeness for you all which will make it even better than 2012. ;-)

For me 2012 was full of decision making and self improvement. I finished college and started university. That new chapter in my life changed me already - especially my way of perceiving the world. 2012 was also the time when I was trying to define myself. There was a lot of confusion, stress and sometimes sadness in me, but hey, every experience teaches you something. :-) I am starting 2013 as a happier, more confident person, that's without a doubt. Over the last few months I understood that the journey to 'find myself' is still on and will be on probably till the end of my life so I stopped trying to answer the questions 'Who am I?'. I will keep changing throughout my life and I don't want to be defined as anything. I'm just me. :-) So I'm starting 2013 without any resolutions because if there'll something I'd like to change about myself I will, no matter what time of the year it is.

2012 gave me many amazing experiences, one of them being the creation of this blog! I've never been happier to share a part of my personality with other people especially through what I really enjoy - fashion and blogging. I used to have a dozen of blogs before but I always used to end up forgetting about them and not posting for long time. This blog has become a permanent part of my life and I can't imagine what my life would be like without blogging! Also, I'd like to thank everyone reading, or just looking at the photos. ^ ^   Below is the summary of my fashion-blogging journey which started last March. Enjoy. :-)