Sunday, 6 October 2013


               Yuck, it's getting colder and colder! We are stepping into autumn season after exceptionally lovely summer in Britain. I am excited to get all my cosy clothes out again, but autumn/winter season is always problematic for me, i.e. I get cold very easily(!!) and have to wear at least 3 layers of clothing to keep myself warm. :-( Therefore I have to compromise between wearing nice clothes and cosy clothes. Who wouldn't want to wear comfy sweatpants all the time, eh? Obvs, eventually you'd get bored of them and probably start feeling under-dressed so wearing lovely, elegant pieces is always nice!

               The 'cold' season can be daunting, because I get up at 6.30 a.m. on most days which means I'm awake before the sun is up. Darkness outside the window doesn't help much with improving well-being so I like to start off my mornings with listening to energetic music and having a fruity energy-boost drink (home-made or bought - I recommend Dr. Witt!). Sweet breakfast is essential, too! I am not too obsessed with my weight so a Nutella sandwich always helps so overcome winter time sadness. ;-)

               This is the outfit I wore last Thursday. There was no need for a jacket yet, but a cosy sweater sure would be useful. The denim skirt is actually a high waisted one - also, it's timeless as it can collaborate with so many outfits. Burgundy boots should be familiar, they've appeared in previous outfits. Over-knee socks? Something I've forgotten about since I stopped wearing them after high school. :-P Here, they complete the look, give it a bit of grungy twist. I'll surely wear them again this season. :-)

Sweater @ no name
Denim Skirt @ Select
Burgundy Boots @ Topshop
Earrings @ Miss Selfridge

Thursday, 3 October 2013


               Hi, peeps! ♥ I'm back at uniiii! To be honest I'm glad, even though this semester won't be easy to get through.. I have killer Mondays and Fridays, i.e. lectures 9 till 18.. but I'm a strong woman and I'll manage. ;-) I have started off this academic year well: 1. I had a field trip to France from 16th till 26th of Sept, 2. I finally make an effort to make fancy lunches for myself (salads, pasta etc.), 3. I started to spend my free time actively - going walking/running/swimming. A good start is a key to success. :-)

               As new semester came I equipped myself with new stationery. I've never been crazy about going shopping for a new school year. All my stationery usually came from a supermarket and wasn't top quality. However this year I "discovered" Paperchase... Their stuff is cute and good quality, but expensive, too :-(. Despite the prices I treated myself to a new address book, sticky notes set and a pen - all in the same floral theme. The brand offers plenty of other items with the same themes - notepads, letter sets, list cards, pencil cases... everything! I could spend a fortune in there. ^ ^ Oh, and they offer 10% student discount!! :-) 
All 3 @ Paperchase

Thursday, 4 July 2013


               When I hear casual I automatically think comfortable. Recently due to the fact that I finished uni for summer and have been spending a lot of time at home I have become a master of casual. Joggers, baggy sweatshirts and fluffy socks are what I love to wear when I spend a whole day at home. However, a time always comes when I have to crawl out of my cave of happiness (a.k.a. my bed) and get out there. What happens then? Usually I don't have a problem with picking a lovely, girly outfit, but sometimes I do struggle. That's when I go for a casual-girly look to compromise my laziness with the want of looking feminine.
               Even thought that wasn't the cause of the choice of my today's outfit (in fact, it was the undecided British weather) I just wanted to make this point. :-) The 'transition stage' between your casual and representative looks is always something good to go through as it may actually encourage you to mix both styles - wear stilettos with harem pants and pumps with a little black dress. ;-)

Top + Skirt @ H&M
Pumps @ Converse

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


               Hey! I've had another over-a-month-long break from blogging, but its major cause was not surprisingly my end-of-the-year exams... Since the day of my last exam (May 31st) I was relaxing to the maximum! I've been catching up on sleeping, reading books, seeing my friends and many, many more. It feels great to have so much free time now! 
               The extra time means I can finally concentrate on things like exercising and eating healthy. I am not diet-obsessed and I believe having about 4-5 meals a day approx. every 3 hours can help to lose 2-3 kg. That's what I tried and it really worked, so it's worth giving it a go. :-) Obvs, drinking plenty of water is essential, too. 
               To eat healthy I have to cook healthy. I am not a vegetarian, but on Monday I decided to make a veggie-based dinner and it was delicious. It wasn't as healthy as it was supposed as I didn't have a calorie controlled cooking spray, but oh well. ;-) The dish I prepared was stuffed mushrooms with garlic-flavoured French toast. Here's the result...
The dish is very easy to make - just mix couscous with a hot veg stock, sweetcorn, cherry tomato halves and sunflower seeds and stuff the mushrooms with the mixture, sprinkle with parmesan and bake. :-) 

Saturday, 18 May 2013


               Last night I went to see a play "Brilliant Adventures" with my boyfriend at Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. I have never been to a theatre before and it's a shame because it's such a great entertainment!  "Brilliant Adventures" is a comedy-drama and some parts were hilarious and other slightly sad and scary. What I loved the most about it was the proximity between the actors and audience. I will definitely start going to theatre more often, especially that the tickets are not as expensive as I assumed - they cost less than most concert tickets!
               As a "theatre beginner" I wasn't sure how to dress last night as I didn't want to turn up in pumps, but didn't feel like wearing heels either. I went for my burgundy boots with very comfortable small heels. Black disco pants looked more elegant with an oversized top with embroided sleeves and a fake-snakeskin clutch. I applied my new lip tint which I've talked about in the previous post to give a bit of accenting colour to my look. What do you think? :-)
Oversized Top @ TK Maxx (by Sweene Paris)
Disco Pants @ Missguided
Boots @ Topshop
Clutch @ Primark (+ DIY)
Bracelet @ New Look

Thursday, 16 May 2013


               At the present, I'm having one of the most stressful times as the end-of-year-exam period started (!). Out of five up-coming exams my first one was today - maths - and I'm pleased and have a positive feeling about it. :-) I still always prefer to hope for the best and expect the worst just to avoid disappointment. Tomorrow is my second exam - geo. maps interpretation - and I am ever so stressed :-( , but I'm not panicking as it never does me any good....
                Back to more pleasant matters - my boyfriend, unlike me, already finished the academic year and moreover it was his birthday on Monday, so last week I went to Arndale in Manchester on a b-day present hunt. :-) Of course I couldn't have stopped myself from popping in to New Look and having a peek at the jewellery section. Aaand as it can be easily guessed I treated myself to a little present, too. ;-) Or two presents actually? I bought lovely spiky bracelets - gold and black one and a set of two gold and pink/orange ones. The spiky trend is slowly fading to our memory, but I like it so much, and despite my studded denim short it didn't appear in my wardrobe much.
               I also got a lip tint. I bought one over a year ago, but it wasn't good quality so didn't stay on lips for long and tasted horrible! This time I went for a proper one and I am very pleased. It is very durable and  has a balm at the other end which you can apply if you want your lips to look glossy (it gives a slight lipstick effect) or just to hydrate them. Definitely worth the money. :-)
Bracelets @ New Look
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in Timeless Tango @ Boots

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


               I've just been scrolling up and down Lookbook's section of new posts when I noticed a girl dressed utterly lovely and chic. One might think 'Isn't that obvious, duh? You're on Lookbook! Everyone there is (or tries to be) well-dressed.' However that girl was wearing something that accented her individuality better than any other accessory could - a hijab. It completed her every outfit so perfectly! Her Lookbook and blog (click here to have a look!) inspired me so much, and actually led me to think about the whole 'Lookbook business'.
                  Lookbook is a great place to show the world the way of reflecting your personality through your style. It's amazing how I've also never received any negative comments from people there. Everyone is nice, with no-jealousy approach to one another. I like that, however I would obviously accept criticism as every opinion counts and is constructive to me. :-) 
               Also, crazy is to think about all those people from around the world who post their looks on Lookbook, by the way inspiring others and often becoming famous for their good fashion taste. Moreover, Lookbook is a portal where you don't need to be half-naked to get attention! It's all about the fashion-passion. ;-) It's really worth starting your own 'Lookbook story' because, trust me, there will always be someone who will appreciate your style. :-)


               Just a quick post to share my outfit from today! :-) The weather is lovely today however I've got  plenty of revision to do for my upcoming exams, ah! BUT to combine the good with the bad I decided to revise in the garden and catch some sun, so see ya later! ^ ^

Crop-top @ Topshop
Tube Skirt @ Forever 21
Bag @ River Island
Black Cardi (on the bag) + Necklace @ H&M
Sunglasses @ no brand (some shop in Poland)
Pumps @ Converse

Monday, 6 May 2013


               Sunday, 5th of May. I've had a lovely day with my family in Southport, full of sun and laughter. Southport is a nice, coastal city with plenty of old tenement houses located along the main street. They give the place a welcoming, vintage vibe, together with many cafes and beer gardens situated nearby. Definitely a place worth visiting! :-)

Sunday, 5 May 2013


               Hello there! I hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend or enjoyed Weekend Majowy if you are now in Poland. :-) I've had a lovely weekend myself, starting off with GEMS society ball on Friday evening, a family shopping trip and bbq yesterday and a visit to Southport today, however more on that tomorrow! :-)

               As I haven't posted much over the last few months I feel I should update on what is new in my wardrobe. I had a little shopping spree at the end of February and since then I've just been adding bits and bobs to my 'summer wardrobe'.
               A week ago I bought the black heeled sandals that look much like Zara sandals that were haunting me since last summer! I totally love these sandals as they are simple in their design, comfortable and go with most of my clothes (and were only £18! ;-)) - just perfect. The Primark strappy shorts and studded bag are my lucky finds. They looked of good enough quality and had a low enough price to persuade me that they were worth buying.
Green Skater Skirt @ ASOS
Grey Crop-Top @ Topshop
Black & White Shorts + Studded Bag @ Primark
Heeled Sandals + Cardigan @ Matalan

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


            Sometimes I stress that this blog has to be perfect in all terms. Well, it doesn't. I think that sometimes I tired too hard to make it look that perfect. I tired too hard to make it cool, hoping people would read it. However, I know that what truly matters is my satisfaction that what I post here reflects my thoughts, personality and interests. Looking back at the older posts I see some good and some bad aspects of my writing here. Sometimes I feel ashamed too, and think "I really wrote/posted that?". But what blogger doesn't think that sometimes? :-) It's like reading your essay from 4th grade and realising how silly your thinking was back then... But by looking back and reading all the shameful stuff you wrote you see your progress and you feel awesome because you realise how little you knew at the beginning comparing to your knowledge now. This can be applied to anything in life really. I started blogging when I was about 10 years old. Back then "having a blog" was plainly cool amongst people at school. I don't even remember what I used to write about on my blog(!) cause my life wasn't incredibly interesting then, but I do remember a lot of pink in my blog's template, haha. :-) Unfortunately, I deleted that blog as I got bored of it (how stupid of me!) and I truly regret it now! Definitely it would be funny to read, but also nice to remind myself of some memories and good times that I may have forgotten. So what I'm trying to say is that...

...the key is to believe in yourself no matter what, do what you love and express yourself in your own, special way. :-)


Sunday, 10 February 2013


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, because I certainly did! I enjoy partying, but a major downside of going to sleep at 3 a.m. is ending up looking like a zombie the next day. Not cool. :-( Especially that the I-look-like-a-zombie effect is intensified by my problematic skin. I've had trouble with my skin since I turned 10 and in my case I just had to go through it. Even visits at the dermatologist didn't help much because cosmetics I used to get given were effective only in the short run. My skin looks much better now, because I always stick to my skincare routine. It has been hard to find right cosmetics for myself since there are millions of them out there! To be honest, I am sceptic when it comes to anti-blemish products from brands like Clearasil and Clean&Clear. Their stuff may be great for people with minor skin concerns, however for me they never really worked. I've always been more keen on proper dermatological cosmetics. Such products are the ones you can only get in pharmacies and what's most important their ingredients are mostly natural. :-)
My favourite brand at the moment is Iwostin. Probably not many people have heard of it since it's a Polish brand from the area where I used to live. :-)
Starting from the left: 1. Anti-ance Face Scrub. 2. Face Wash in a Form of a Gel. 3. Cleansing Tonic. 4. Face Matting Emulsion. 5. Night Face Cream
The five cosmetics that I've got are from the Purritin series. Altogether, there are 12 products in the series, specially made for people with oily and acne skin. In the morning I usually just wash my face with water so my skin is fresh before I put any make up on. Unless necessary, I rarely use any of the above products in the mornings. The foundation I wear is moisturising enough so I don't need to use any face creams. :-) In the evenings, I use the cleansing tonic mostly then apply the face night cream. Usually twice a week I use the face wash gel and anti-acne face scrub to not irritate my skin. ^ ^
All of the Purritin cosmetics are also hypo-allergenic so they are not supposed to cause any allergies - you probably figured out already. ;-)

Iwostin products are truly awesome and all thanks to my mum! She found out about them in one of the magazines she reads. ^ ^ The brand has got many other product ranges starting from anti-ageing ones and finishing with eye care series (which I am actually going to talk a little about in my next post! ^ ^). HERE is the link to their website (however I think it's only in Polish :-/ )! They have there a lot of advices and tips on how to keep your skin spotless and something that I only just found which is tests determining how well you care about your skin! :-)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I approached writing this post about 10 times, because I am trying to find words to describe what I'm feeling right now. I guess no words are needed though, a big smile on my face says it all. :-) Last night I went to Black Veil Brides concert, that is one of my favourite bands, and I am still buzzing! Yes, this is what always happens to me after gigs, haha. I get a boost of energy, making me feel that I can move mountains! ^ ^ At BVB concert the atmosphere was awesome and the support bands were great, one of them being Chiodos whom I also like. I got a chance to catch up with my friends a little, too. :-) Summing up, it was a great night. ^ ^
Here's a little catch up of what else has been happening recently...
  1. The second semester started a week ago,
  2. Alex organised a party at Bramall last Saturday, which was good,
  3. The weather as always is messed up...,
  4. I found out that at the end of Feb/start of March I will get a reply from Study Abroad Office about my application,
  5. I found "songs" I wrote about a year ago and I'm in the process of reading them and correcting anything embarrassing/stupid. ^ ^
Tomorrow I'll definitely write more but now I HAVE TO go to sleep... I don't want to end up looking like a zombie any more. -_-

Sunday, 6 January 2013


"Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself"

SO DAMN RIGHT. I saw this quote two days ago and thanks to however said this first because it sums up exactly how I felt recently as you may know from my previous post. Back to the business now! Spring is coming in big leaps this year. The weather outside is definitely not indicating winter, the birds keep singing, bushes blossoming, whatever you want. It feels strange to me as it's only been Christmas and here we have now such a surprise spring! However, January sales keep reminding that it's not actually spring yet. Last Saturday I visited Trafford Centre to have a peek at what's on sale, but I was disappointed and only seemed to like stuff that is actually not on sale.. Ah, I've become so picky, haha! I think my fashion taste changed drastically over the last few months as I became generally more interested in fashion and started reading fashion magazines and blogs more often. Also, it may seem strange to think about it now, I am turning 20 this year. Stepping into my 20's doesn't mean that I have to become mature and turn into a boring, always-tired adult (my boyfriend says that apparently I'll always be a kid on the inside, hehe). I just want to make my style more feminine and elegant. I get inspired by different people on Lookbook and fashion bloggers. Sometimes the inspirations confused me and I would say to myself "Hold on... I'm not really being myself when I think that I'd like to dress like this or that person. That's not me. I can't just copy exactly what others wear, that's boring!". It's been said many times before and it will be said on this blog as well: we all try to be different and in reality we all end up the same. So then on I'm following my own 'fashion instinct' and just creat myself the way I want it. ;-)

Boots @ River Island
Top @ Second Hand (Zara)
Skirt @ Chicwish
Bag @ Matalan
Nail Varnish 'Vinateg Blue' @ Avon

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

HI 2013!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I hope that 2013 will be full of love, happiness and awesomeness for you all which will make it even better than 2012. ;-)

For me 2012 was full of decision making and self improvement. I finished college and started university. That new chapter in my life changed me already - especially my way of perceiving the world. 2012 was also the time when I was trying to define myself. There was a lot of confusion, stress and sometimes sadness in me, but hey, every experience teaches you something. :-) I am starting 2013 as a happier, more confident person, that's without a doubt. Over the last few months I understood that the journey to 'find myself' is still on and will be on probably till the end of my life so I stopped trying to answer the questions 'Who am I?'. I will keep changing throughout my life and I don't want to be defined as anything. I'm just me. :-) So I'm starting 2013 without any resolutions because if there'll something I'd like to change about myself I will, no matter what time of the year it is.

2012 gave me many amazing experiences, one of them being the creation of this blog! I've never been happier to share a part of my personality with other people especially through what I really enjoy - fashion and blogging. I used to have a dozen of blogs before but I always used to end up forgetting about them and not posting for long time. This blog has become a permanent part of my life and I can't imagine what my life would be like without blogging! Also, I'd like to thank everyone reading, or just looking at the photos. ^ ^   Below is the summary of my fashion-blogging journey which started last March. Enjoy. :-)