Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Recently I have noticed many flaws in my writing style. I bet that whilst reading my posts you notice them too! I hope that what I write here still makes sense to you, or you can make out what I mean, at least. ^ ^ Thanks to university assignments, I'm trying to improve my writing. It's one of those things I've never been good at and never wanted to push myself to work harder on it. Now I see how important it is, for my university course and in life general. :-) It's nice to know that when you tell a story, everyone can follow and  understand it. Every so often I contemplate about what I should improve myself in. Well, that reminds me that I am not good at football either... but I'll put this field of improvement away for another time. :D

I hope everyone is ready for winter, getting cosy jumpers and hoodies and restocking the supply of hot chocolate. I surely am, but I'm also not letting the autumn-wintery misery get me down! I'll count it as success if this state of my mind will last until the end of Feb. ^ ^ I shall keep you updated on that anyway, and now more about my Sunday outfit! Contrasting, lively colours mean no winter misery! :D It's actually true, that when we constantly see dull, boring greyness around us we do get upset! So here's my advise - dress yourself colourful everyday... starting from today. :-) I do get stuck in my comfy-hoodie habits too, when I am too lazy to make effort. But then I take a look through my clothes and feel guilty that I've got so many of them but not many of them are worn! The truth is, the colours of winter, which are not very positive, do not stop you from being colourful and happy. ^ ^ One of my favourite bloggers, MACADEMIAN GIRL, is always dressed colourfully, with colourful accessories. xD I think it is amazing! The right attitude is the key and the rest will sort itself out. :D So let's be colourful-friendly this winter. xD <3

Peace Belt @ Hearts&Bows
Chiffon Shirt @ New Look
Pleated Skirt @ Primark
Boots @ River Island

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