Thursday, 25 October 2012


What a lovely day! It's my 19th birthday today. ^ ^ I got lots of nice birthday wishes from my friends and family and right now I'm feeling very loved. :-) The last year of being a teenager for me that is, but I'm definitely not going to lose my teen spirit, oh hell no. ^ ^ Today's been a busy day for me, as well. I have a Wiki project due in on Monday and I couldn't focus on it at all this afternoon! I kept drifting away to Lookbook/Facebook/my blog every 10 minutes. Thankfully, I got through most of the assignment, I've got just a few little things to add on tomorrow, and I'll be done. ^ ^ Ahh, I don't know how about you guys who just started university, but I am truly feeling lost at times! I am not actually surprised by the amount of work, it's just my lack of time management, I guess. ^ ^ But next week is reading week when most lectures are cancelled so I'll have a lot more time to catch up on everything, not only revision-wise. :-) Also, I am planning to go out one day next week to take some nice outfit photos. ^ ^  For now I'm leaving you with a few shoots from today. :-) ENJOY!
Top @ BVB concert
Cardigan+Tights @ H&M
Shorts @ Republic
Boots @ Topshop

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