Saturday, 20 October 2012


I'm somewhere in between being overly happy and a bit miserable. I am not a fan of waking up when it's still dark, and that's what makes me a little pessimistic on autumn mornings. However, it's all good after all. Don't we all need to fall down sometimes to pick ourselves up twice as strong? ^ ^ I think I'm starting to lack sleep again as well, something I did not want to face, especially right at the beginning of semester! Well, better time management is something that may help me, as compromising university and social life can get hard.

The sun was out over the last few days, strangely enough, but the coldness keeps reminding us what time of the year it actually is! I love autumn. :-) As a kid, I loved playing outside during autumn, especially when it involved piles of fallen leaves and throwing them about. ^ ^ Now, my preferences changed and I'm more amused by the beauty of this season. I definitely need to get out and take some photos. ^ ^

And talking about photos, I met up with Alex yesterday, during my 4 hour break in between my lectures and got some new outfit photos! :-) I am currently in love with this leg cut silvery-grey maxi. It caught my eye on RI website and I luckily got in during the Student Night last month. :-) I also got some 'normal' shoes by which I mean the studded burgundy boots. By normal I mean flat because since I got the black RI wedges I've been wearing them almost every day. :P Heels are the solution for my hight but as I've been told and read about it many times too, they are no good for your legs! Buying nice, but comfortable clothes and shoes is now essential aspect of every shopping trip for me. :-)
Photos by A. Hewitt
Maxi+bag @ River Island / Boots @ Topshop / Top @ New Look

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