Sunday, 23 September 2012


Milk&malibu+a good book=a good quality me-time!

Yesterday's been such a lovely day, so sunny, without a drop of rain. It was a definitely chill out day for me so I treated myself to a nice drink! Haha. Well, I like keeping myself busy cause otherwise I start thinking about random, non-important stuff which messes up my mood, which in fact happened yesterday too. Blogging is my definite cure!
So I've been out and about over the week and still can't decide, is it autumn yet? Calendar autumn started yesterday so I guess I'd say yes to my question, but I feel a little awkward taking my warmest coat out of my wardrobe. Damn, guys, time is flying and I can't believe we are approaching the end of September already!
Oversized dress @ River Island / Coat @ New Yorker / Wedges @ New Look / Tote bag @ eBay

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